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Our Mission

We're passionate about the products we use.

We are very careful to stock high performance products that really do what they say they do. We stand behind everything we carry and love the ways these brands give back to the world as well.

We're passionate about reducing our impact on the environment. Seeing how many foils get thrown out every day in salons really got us wondering. There's gotta be a better way... right?

Green Circle has allowed us to keep almost all of our waste out of the landfill. The foils were the biggest relief, but we are now able to put things like hair cuttings and colour tubes to use as well. Everything finds it's place and it makes us so happy.

Energy consumption is another big one.

Our entire salon uses LED lighting and efficient appliances as well so we are able to keep our impact very low.

Our Story

The roots of habitat go way back. All three founding stylists have been with Aveda for over ten years. When the salons we worked at went in a different direction, It was important for us to find a place where we could continue working with the products we love. 

...and find we did!

After months of searching and going crazy looking for the right spot, we found a cozy space tucked away in downtown langley. It needed a lot of work but the payoff was more than worth it. Everything in the Shop had to be pulled out but we worked hard to reclaim as much as we could, going as far as to build parts of our trolleys and front desk out of things we salvaged from the old space. 

We managed to put together a place that has a lot of personality but remains perfectly functional. Letting us relax and do our best work. 

We can't wait to see what the coming years will bring. And we hope to make many people happy in our new space.

- Brytani, Miles, Whitney

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